Elizabeth Kwan

Senior Researcher, Canadian Labour Congress (CLC)

Elizabeth Kwann is a Senior Researcher with the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC).  Her work at the CLC includes immigration, the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, International Mobility Program; and equity and human rights, protections and labour-related areas of groups such as Indigenous Peoples, racialized peoples, immigrants, women, seniors, persons living with visible and invisible disabilities, persons in low income and LGBTQ2SI.   

Ms. Kwann has extensive experience in policy, programs and services in immigration, settlement, refugees and migrant workers. In these areas, she has worked variously for governments, the public sector, unions, public institutions and civil society organizations.  

Ms. Kwann has represented Canadian labour at the International Labour Organization conferences on the Committee on Employment and Decent work for the Transition to Peace, and the Committee on Labour Migration.