John Baker: The hard truth about “soft” skills

Opinion Piece by John Baker International study and work experiences nurture the durable skills that students — and Canada — need for the future.    John Baker   It’s no secret that our world, our society, our economy, and our workforce are undergoing rapid change.   Technological advancements and automation are continually reshaping the landscape of work and […]

Denise Amyot: Closing Canada’s skills gaps starts at the post-secondary level

Headshot of Denise Amyot

This op-ed was published by The Hill Times on September 27, 2023 Opinion piece by Denise Amyot As the nature of work changes, learning experiences outside the classroom—and outside the country—are now more relevant than ever. Planning for and responding to skills needs across an economy as diverse and broad as Canada’s is a difficult […]

David Johnston: Let’s boost international education for Canadian students

When young people study or work abroad, they bring back skills and knowledge that serve to strengthen local, provincial and national interests. This op-ed was published by the Ottawa Citizen on November 14, 2022 Opinion piece by the Right Hon. David Johnston, who was the 28th Governor General of Canada; is chair of the Rideau […]

Tabatha Bull: Canada’s bottom line needs globally connected Indigenous youth

Let’s support and encourage the fastest growing demographic to study and work abroad This op-ed was published in the Toronto Star August 1, 2022 Opinion piece by Tabatha Bull, President and CEO, Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business The Seven Generations teaching tells us we need to consider how our words, work and actions will impact […]

Rick Hansen: Paralympics model shows the way

One way to help people with disabilities succeed is to ensure they have the same access to international study and work opportunities as their peers This op-ed was published in the Vancouver Sun March 27, 2022 Opinion piece by Rick Hansen, C.C., O.B.C., Founder, Rick Hansen Foundation Brian McKeever is the inspiration we all need right now. At 42, […]

Amyot and Davidson: International experience wanted — studies abroad are good for Canada

Students who travel develop skills in cross-cultural communication and an understanding of different cultural practices. The applications to business, social services, health care and communications are vast. This op-ed was published in the Ottawa Citizen in November 2021. Opinion piece by Denise Amyot and Paul Davidson A peculiarity of staying close to home in these […]