Holistic Support for Student Outbound Mobility Journey

This project develops innovative and inclusive modules and resources to support students of all backgrounds and abilities throughout their outbound mobility journey. Student mobility supports in Canada overwhelmingly focus on pre-departure. This project fills this gap by placing equal emphasis on supports available to students during their time abroad and upon re-entry. Centered on three […]

Watchful Eyes and Student Mobility: Widening student access to international education through faculty-led programs abroad

“Experience the world under the watchful eyes of a faculty member,” is Seneca’s slogan for faculty-led programs abroad (FLPA). This model of outbound mobility has demonstrated success at significantly increasing the number of Seneca students who gain international experiences. To continue on this positive trajectory, Seneca expands the number of FLPAs, and target student groups […]

Global Learning for All – COIL

With disruption comes the need to innovate. Using the innovation fund, 17 Seneca faculty and 16 faculty from partner schools around the world were trained on an innovative virtual mobility model called COIL: Collaborative Online International Learning. The training led to the creation of 16 virtual collaborations across various disciplines, which will be implemented in […]