Forests and Livelihoods International

Students supported by this project embark on exciting journeys to study how the complex interactions of global forest management, conservation and land use shape the livelihoods of people. The University of British Columbia breaks down barriers of historical exclusion for experiential learning by developing and disseminating best practices to support Indigenous, disabled and lower-income students in international field schools, coop terms and study abroad opportunities. Drawing on information from partner organizations and advisory groups, UBC provides tailored supports to students in these authentic experiences, and facilitate student leadership and advocacy for study and work abroad programs.

Latest Publications


A trading nation needs a globally engaged workforce

Canadian businesses need to work harder to remain competitive, globally relevant, and accessible. A large part of that is having access to the right talent.

Global Horizons #8 – Kicking off 2024

Our social media blitz, two op-eds, the launch of our Alumni Hub and much, much more.

Sending more students abroad will help Canada navigate a changing world

A more unpredictable world presents Canada with serious challenges, but also new opportunities.