Out Front: Supporting Student Outbound Mobility

This project seek to connect experiences of Canadian students, staff and faculty, with experiences from the international partner institution. Students participating in outbound mobility rely on the mobility infrastructure and support that is established by the staff and faculty within their home institution as well as support received from host institutions abroad. To determine how to better support students, a student and partner survey were conducted. The student survey included responses from over 400 students and explored the kinds of international outbound experiences students were interested in as well as barriers to international study. Over 30 partners responded to the partner survey offering possibilities to enhance collaboration between institutions.

Latest Publications


Strengthening Canada’s Global Skills: Our submission to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance Pre-budget Consultations in Advance of Budget 2024

The program has equipped a new generation of students, from all backgrounds, with global skills necessary to meet Canada’s ever evolving labour market needs. It is now time to make the program a permanent part of Canada’s skills strategy and approach to international education.

Louisane LeBlanc: If the Global Skills Opportunity pilot ends, Canadians with disabilities will miss out


Seventy new GSO projects to support hundreds of students’ global work and study experiences

With funding from Economic and Social Development Canada, the new GSO projects will allow hundreds more Canadian students to gain invaluable global skills through international work and study experiences in countries around the world.