snəw̓eyəɬ leləm̓ Langara College Global Skills Development Project is poised to pivot campus culture by offering three supported pathways to increase global skills development in the targeted student populations and the wider student community by offering virtual and physical mobility options for students building transferable work skills and intercultural competence.

Langara College will increase equity, access, and support for students obtaining an international educational experience through Collaborative Online Intercultural Learning-Virtual Exchange (COIL-VE), both virtual and physical working integrated learning (WIL), and Global co-op. Available to all students, however, funds will prioritize resources to support low-income, Indigenous, and students with disabilities.

Building on knowledge gained through the Outbound Mobility Innovation Funds, WIL and COIL-VE can both provide rich opportunities for students that would not typically consider global options. These virtual experiences can be stand-alone or used as a pathway to additional physical mobility opportunities including international co-ops and Internships.

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