Seventy new GSO projects to support hundreds of students’ global work and study experiences

The Global Skills Opportunity program is thrilled to announce that 70 new projects are being rolled out at universities, colleges and cégeps across the country. The projects were selected after both Colleges and Institutes Canada and Universities Canada held calls for proposals in the past few months.

With funding from Economic and Social Development Canada, the new GSO projects will allow hundreds more Canadian students to gain invaluable global skills through international work and study experiences in countries around the world.

Mobility projects directly fund Canadian students’ experiences abroad through projects run by their post-secondary institution. Innovation projects allow recipient post-secondary institutions to bolster and improve their outbound mobility programming to better serve underrepresented students.

The breakdown:

  • 27 innovation projects at colleges
  • 15 innovation projects at universities
  • 28 mobility projects at universities

Project descriptions are being added to our website. Visit our project database to learn more about all the GSO projects in place at Canadian post-secondary institutions.

So far, more than 5,000 students have benefited from the Government of Canada’s Outbound Mobility pilot program, most of whom are Indigenous, have a disability or are from low-income backgrounds.

As GSO only has funding secured until 2025, this could be the last round of projects for the program. We are hopeful that the program will be made permanent during the next federal budget.

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