Leon “Boogie” Mann

Headshot of student

I really appreciated the opportunity to go to Finland. It was beyond my wildest imagination that I would be doing this even a few months earlier. This opportunity would not have been possible without GSO. I am a very proud GSO alumni and hope that many others get to experience this long after I have moved on, living out my dream!

My GSO experience has taught me about culture, being open-minded and I now have a great appreciation for new opportunities.

It has taught me about my family, my little boy would not speak to me while I was gone, and I just really missed and appreciated my family for being so patient during this trip.

And it has taught me even about myself, broadening my view on how I would like to run my business one day (seeing how they run their dealerships in Turku), and how much I enjoyed learning about their city and culture and that I am worthy of these experiences. I feel such gratefulness to have had the opportunity to experience this trip to Finland and I took in and appreciated and enjoyed every moment.

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