Shubh Borad

two photos of the student in Senegal. One in front of a staircase. The other with medical scrubs and mask.

I got the opportunity to expand both my competencies as well as my knowledge and understanding of my field of study: health sciences.

Without GSO, I likely wouldn’t have been able to go on a similar educational [experience] due to financial constraints. More Canadian students need access to international experiences, such as this one, because it allows us to observe and explore important concepts from a global perspective, as well as experience new cultures, communities and environments.

I plan to use my newfound skills and knowledge regarding cultural competence and the relevance of EDI-DI for global health and community engagement when I enter the healthcare sector to connect with and provide better quality care to my patients.​

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Press Release

New mobility-focused innovation projects will reduce barriers to studying or working abroad

More Canadian colleges and institutes will be able to create accessible international work and learning experiences for Canadian students, thanks to 27 new GSO projects.

GSO at the Canadian Bureau for International Education conference


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