Global Learning and Leadership Skills Development Program(GLLSDP)

Algoma University is developing a Global Learning Leadership Skills Development Program (GLLSDP) with international partners. The project includes three components. 1) International study/work experience 2) completion of a cultural safety learning program 3) E-portfolio. Students receive a co-curricular cr., digital badge and transcript notation upon meeting the three requirements of this program. For International experience, […]

Collaborative Online International Learning(COIL) Virtual Exchange Project: Internationalizing the campus and increasing global connectivity

Algoma University is piloting Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) Virtual Exchange as a new mobility-focused innovation project. The goal of this project is to develop COIL-based courses that improve accessibility and participation, especially among under-represented student groups, providing an innovative virtual intercultural learning experience. Although virtual exchange programs are different from the real-life experiences of […]