International Field Courses for Indigenous and Black Student Global Leaders

Dalhousie University provides international field courses in non-traditional destinations (Colombia, New Zealand), focusing on delivering culturally appropriate mobility experiences for Indigenous, Black and African Nova Scotian students. Our partner institutions are the Universidad Catolica de Manizale, Colombia and Te Herenga Wake-Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. The project creates online and in-person international learning experiences, […]

International Field Courses for African Nova Scotian Global Leaders

Dalhousie University will provide international field courses in Ghana — a non-traditional destination — and the USA, focusing on delivering culturally appropriate mobility experiences for African Nova Scotian students. In partnership with the University of Ghana, Youth Bridge Foundation (a Ghanaian foundation committed to bridging gaps for positive youth development) and selected Historically Black Colleges […]

Exploring Supports for Indigenous and Black Students as Global Leaders

To be inclusive of students from marginalized Mi’kmaw and African Nova Scotians communities, this project increases academic programs focused on Black and African Diaspora Studies and Indigenous Studies. These programs, transitioning from Minor to Major present an opportunity to explore the potential relevance and value of mobility for indigenous and black students in building and […]