From Local to Global

Niagara College (NC) has long-standing experience in supporting students to study and work abroad. The Global Skills Competency funding will assist in the exponential growth in our development of more opportunities and increase in access to participation. Anticipating a gradual re-entry to travel abroad, we will begin by offering virtual learning opportunities, which will strategically […]

Global Employment Opportunities

Niagara College has long-standing experience in supporting students to work abroad. For over 20 years, Niagara College has leveraged projects, partnerships, and various funding opportunities to aid our students in participating in experiential work abroad opportunities to ensure they graduate Niagara College work-ready and world-ready. Continuing to use our success of previous work-abroad programs, NC […]

A 2021 Global Competency Framework for TVET Students

As with many Colleges, semester exchanges abroad are challenging to insert into many of Niagara College‚Äôs programs given the shorter duration of a diploma and post-graduate program. Therefore, semester exchanges can be complicated for College level students. Additionally, as many students will be working while studying, extensive advance notice to prepare students for their exchange […]

Program Embedded Semester Exchanges – Exchanges Made Easy”

Through this funding, Niagara College will begin identifying and defining where global competencies are developed in the classroom and through various progressive internationalization experiences. We believe that by helping students identify and understand their pathway of developing global competency throughout their post-secondary education that this will lead to increased interest in students applying these skills […]