Pour une mobilité étudiante inclusive

This project seeks to enable a greater number of students to undertake a student mobility project. In particular, low-income students, Aboriginal students and students with special needs will be invited to participate in student mobility projects through the awarding of inclusive scholarships and an adapted communication and support strategy. The CEGEP’s professional community will be […]

Mobilité étudiante à l’international; vers un programme de bourses adapté et innovant.

We propose to develop a scholarship program for credited international student mobility projects. These scholarships will be awarded and modulated according to various criteria (duration of the project, destination, and particular situation of the student (indigenous, low-income, having a disability). The establishment of a committee, in charge of receiving and evaluating applications, will allow for […]

Une mobilité internationale inclusive et conçue pour toutes et tous !

Collère Ahuntsic’s GSO project consists of scholarships to students participating in international mobility experiences. The GSO funding supports 19 international projects of 1 to 14 weeks, carried out in groups and including educational activities related to 1 or 2 courses. They relate to both undergraduate and technical programs. Also, the College will support 5 individual […]

Stages de mobilité en lien avec les programmes

Le projet vise à offrir six stages de mobilité crédités en entreprise, d’observation et de recherche ou en langues, d’une durée variant de 2 à 8 semaines, en lien avec les programmes d’études suivants: Sciences humaines (SH), Techniques d’hygiène dentaire (THD), techniques de la documentation (TDOC), Techniques diététiques (TDI), Techniques des procédés et de la […]

Programme de bourses pour stages à l’étranger

Dans le cadre de la stratégie du Canada en matière d’éducation internationale, le Collège Montmorency déploiera un Programme de bourses pour études à l’étranger. Avec une approche inclusive, où la diversité est vue comme la normalité, le Programme soutiendra la mobilité les étudiants en tenant compte des situations particulières liées aux handicaps et aux revenus. […]

Découvrir le monde à travers une offre inédite de séjours pédagogiques internationaux au Collège de Rimouski

The project will allow Collège de Rimouski to develop a permanent structure for the organization and management of international pedagogical group trips. These group trips are a diversified and attractive offer that will enhance the students’ academic training. The 12 proposed trips, based on 3 components (introduction to international cooperation, introduction to research, health integration […]

Mobilité étudiante internationale. Cégep de Sherbrooke

This project aims to support 8 existing annual mobility activities at the Cégep de Sherbrooke as well as to develop or reactivate 3 activities. More specifically, it aims to make mobility projects more accessible to students who would otherwise be excluded for economic reasons, daily health limitations or ethnic origin. The program’s support will allow […]

Virtual Intercultural Competency Training Using Basic AI Models

The Virtual Intercultural Competency Training project was proposed following cancellation of the mobility exchange program due to Covid-19. To maintain our partnership with Kamuzu College of Nursing in Malawi, and to explore an alternative method for Intercultural Competency Training, a collaborative virtual exchange was organized. The development of intercultural competence is a program exit competency […]

Strengthening the security component of outbound mobility projects

The project objective was to establish a structuring framework for outbound mobility, as there was previously no institutional document on this subject. The security of mobility projects was managed using established practices. UQAC worked to develop institutional documents that meet best practices, thereby reinforcing stakeholders’ skills and responsibilities.