Developing a Toolbox to Ensure the Safety of Trainees/Interns in Accordance with Legal Requirements

Quebec’s post-secondary institutions must now comply with the requirements imposed on employers with respect to trainees/interns, even in international settings. This raises various validation-related issues, particularly when it comes to ensuring that all internship/training environments meet these requirements. What if some environments are not in compliance? Will opportunities currently available to students be eliminated? This project studies […]

Promoting Inclusive and Visible Mobility

The “Promoting Inclusive and Visible Mobility” project enhances the visibility of the CEGEP’s mobility projects involving the target groups. The initial goal is to gain insight into systemic barriers to participation in mobility projects and subsequently to review the CEGEP’s recruitment and awareness strategies. In so doing, the CEGEP ensures that project-related promotional materials have […]

Inclusive Mobility Bursary Program

In connection with this project, the CEGEP sets up an international mobility bursary program geared towards students experiencing one or more types of marginalization (i.e. an inclusive mobility bursary program). Bursaries are primarily aimed at reducing financial constraints, while also assisting international mobility candidates in situations of disability, whether visible or invisible.43

Developing a More International Education Framework

Each year, the CEGEP welcomes international students enrolled in various academic programs. However, the institution’s own students rarely study abroad despite growing interest in this option. This project is specifically aimed at enabling the CEGEP’s faculty members to engage in the analysis of academic programs (including curricula and program requirements) offered by certain international partners […]

Increasing Access to International Mobility Through Joint Mobilization of General Academic Disciplines

Bringing together the Cégep de Chicoutimi and the Cégep de Jonquière, this inclusive mobility project focuses on general academic disciplines. This project facilitates international mobility for all institutional clienteles, regardless of students’ chosen academic programs. It thus reflects our institutions’ commitment to address obstacles impeding students’ access to mobility. In terms of expected immediate results, […]

Reinforcing Organizational Risk Management Capabilities Associated with International Mobility Stays

This project involves the implementation of a risk management strategy for international opportunities (drafting policies, instructions, and procedures) and helps the CEGEP to develop a toolbox in order to operationalize the governance process, with particular emphasis on:   Evaluating travel safety (recognition of risks) Agreements with students Checklist to evaluate the capabilities of partner organizations […]

Mise sur pied d’une formation pré-départ sur la sécurité et création d’un registre des déplacements à l’étranger

Notre projet vise deux objectifs : 1) mettre sur pied une formation pré-départ sur la sécurité et l’adaptation culturelle pour les personnes étudiantes de l’UQAM qui souhaitent réaliser un séjour d’études à l’étranger ; et 2) créer un registre des déplacements à l’étranger qui permettra à l’Université d’aviser les personnes étudiantes concernées en cas d’urgence. […]

Formation inclusive et collaborative sur la sécurité des séjours de la communauté étudiante.

Parmi les obstacles à la mobilité pour la communauté étudiante canadienne, figurent notamment la peur de l’inconnu et les risques de sécurité. Dans un contexte d’internationalisation croissante et d’instabilité géopolitique planétaire, les établissements d’enseignement supérieur se préoccupent de leurs obligations de diligence raisonnable à l’égard des membres de leur communauté, notamment en s’assurant que les […]