Increasing Student Engagement through Peer-to-Peer Pathway Program and Universal Design in Wraparound Programs

UNB has determined that its promotional campaigns fail to engage all GSO-eligible students and persuade them that an international experience is attainable, beneficial and manageable. To address these challenges, UNB is restructuring of its overall mobility preparation to systematically apply universal design principles in recognition of the diversity of student characteristics (i.e. learning preferences, mental health, travel experience and socio-economic status).  

Through this Innovation project, UNB will  

  • create a Peer-to-Peer Pathway Program,  
  • enhance wraparound programs and upgrade to emphasize active learning in small group settings, 
  • re-design its wraparound programming to incorporate universal design elements that are usable, accessible and inclusive.  
  • design and deliver relevant and impactful promotional campaigns which are student-focused to inspire students to apply to study abroad. 

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