Pre-Departure and Outreach Innovations for Accessibility and Inclusion: Integrating eLearning Tools, Experiential Learning and Student Ambassadors

This project focuses on the improvement of targeted outreach and training for students from equity deserving communities, to ensure increased awareness of, and preparedness for, international study and work experiences that are key to obtaining workplace skills and intercultural competencies.  Underrepresented students — in particular Indigenous students, low-income students and students with disabilities — who […]

International Networking Groups: Collaborative Approach to Marketing and Recruitment

The project promotes OCAD’s international collaborations and programs and engages their community directly in the process, building more opportunities for participation.    At the heart of this approach is the launch of a series of networking groups/clubs comprised of members of students, staff and faculty, and their counterparts from international institutional and community partners. These participatory […]

Vic International: Work-Integrated Learning Abroad

“Vic International: Work-Integrated Learning Abroad” expands access to international internships in non-traditional countries and for students in underrepresented groups. To diversify destination countries, Victoria University will build on its existing work-integrated learning courses and partners: the Cross Cultural College (Japan); the Education & Society Internship (China and South Korea); and a new Material Culture & […]

Aging Globally: Building Global Skills by Studying Health and Aging in Scandinavia

The overarching objective of this project is to increase the number and diversity of Health Studies and cross-disciplinary students studying and working internationally. International collaborators include higher education institutions and community partners in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland, all non-traditional destinations with arguably the best healthcare systems in the world. Four activities for building global […]

Achieving Equity and Global EDI-D-I Competence in the Canadian Health Sector Workforce

One hundred underrepresented Canadian students undertaking courses in the health professions at Western University and University of Manitoba will be equipped with Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Decolonization and Indigeneity (EDI-D-I) knowledge and skills, to prepare them for frontline work in Africa (or in similar global settings) as well as in Canada. The project will create sustainable […]

Supporting students who are Indigenous, disabled, and low income in global engagement experiences: Inclusion by diversifying approaches, design, and destinations.

This project will increase the participation of target student groups in international education by designing diverse targeted programs along with promotions, procedures and wraparound supports. The project goes beyond an equity approach and ensures students feel a sense of belonging by their participation in the research and design. To provide more non-traditional destination options, Laurier […]

Go Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Action Student Challenge

The Go Global Sustainable Development Goals in Action Student Challenge will empower York students and their peers around the world to take action towards the achievement of SDGs with a global lens. Through facilitated discussions, workshops and immersive abroad opportunities, York University students will develop global competencies, leadership, digital fluency and project management skills necessary […]

uOttawa Global Mindset / uOttawa, vers un esprit mondial

Annuellement, moins de 3% des étudiants de 1er cycle de l’Université d’Ottawa partent en mobilité à l’étranger. Pour augmenter la mobilité et l’intégration de tous les étudiants, le financement de ce projet soutiendra 40 étudiants socialement défavorisés (autochtones, avec handicap ou à faible revenu) pour des destinations en Amérique du Sud et en Asie, entre […]

Global Platforms Project

The Global Platforms Project aims to increase access to innovative global mobility opportunities for Canadian post-secondary students through a tiered system of accessible initiatives. Students can choose to participate in one or both virtual and physical mobility platforms: Global Classrooms and the Global Learning Case Competition. This project aims to connect up to 200 students […]

Powering Change: Innovating Accessible International Work-Integrated Learning (iWIL) with Focus on Intercultural Competencies and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Post-Pandemic Environments

Well-prepared students are powerful change agents, both locally and globally. From September 2021 – March 2025, through lenses of intercultural effectiveness competency development and advancing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, students who are Indigenous, have disability needs or traditionally face barriers of low-income will undertake 65+ transformational iWIL experiences via established and new international partner […]