Moving Forward: Redefining Campus Accessibility Through Innovative Physical Mobility Solutions

This project aims to offer an inclusive and innovative approach to promoting student physical mobility by designing “high credit value” study abroad programs in which course credit for a single study abroad trip is maximized, thereby addressing two key barriers to participation for historically-underrepresented students: high cost, and delayed time to graduation. The project will […]

A Small College Strategy to Scale-up Study Abroad

This project leverages Innovation Fund and GSO learning to enable small colleges to scale-up learning abroad. Through the project, College of the Rockies will formalize COIL as a sustainable internationalization option and on-ramp to physical mobility. The college will work to address the small-college-challenge of scale by developing a course and opportunity abroad that will […]

Experiential Outbound Opportunity in Support of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals

The project seeks to identify SDG-enabling infrastructure requirements within two Indigenous communities in the host country. Once built, the infrastructure will remain in place, providing lasting benefit to the community. Examples of short-term infrastructure projects that could be considered might include installation of water pumping infrastructure, sanitation infrastructure or electricity infrastructure. The project’s aim is […]

Indigenous Horizons: Exploring Indigenous Student Learning and Engagement through a Virtual Reality Mobility Experience

Building on the key findings and recommendations of CICan’s Innovation Fund Report (2020-2021), the goal of this project is to develop a culturally appropriate and digitally innovative virtual learning and mobility experience for Indigenous students to use as a case study in understanding the efficacy of the experiences in reducing barriers, increasing cultural competence, digital […]

Une éducation plus internationale

Le Cégep de Sherbrooke reçoit, chaque année, des étudiants internationaux qui participent à des sessions d’études. Toutefois, les étudiants du cégep participent rarement à des sessions d’études dans un autre pays et cela malgré l’intérêt croissant de ceux-ci. Le présent projet vise précisément à permettre au personnel enseignant du cégep de travailler à l’analyse des […]

Indigenous Global Partnerships for Student Internships

From the first round of Global Skills Opportunity funding, Langara College has had many requests from Indigenous students to intern with a global Indigenous community. In the context of this project, a consultant will be hired to conduct a survey of best practices of Indigenous internships and programs as possible locations for interns. The consultant […]