Indigenous Horizons: Exploring Indigenous Student Learning and Engagement through a Virtual Reality Mobility Experience

Building on the key findings and recommendations of CICan’s Innovation Fund Report (2020-2021), the goal of this project is to develop a culturally appropriate and digitally innovative virtual learning and mobility experience for Indigenous students to use as a case study in understanding the efficacy of the experiences in reducing barriers, increasing cultural competence, digital […]

Mobility by Design: Establishing human-centred mobility opportunities in the Americas

With the overarching outcome of increasing international mobility participation, this project aims to increase Algonquin College‚Äôs for credit international mobility opportunities, specifically in in the Americas, where there are very limited for credit opportunities. Considering the unique circumstances and barriers to participation faced by low-income students, indigenous students and students with disabilities, this project aims […]

People First: Designing an Indigenous mobility program

Currently in Canada, the participation rate for students in international mobility programs is less than 3%. This number is even lower for Indigenous students. In order to identify some of the barriers preventing Indigenous post-secondary students from accessing these programs and develop some fundamental principles that a successful outbound mobility program for Indigenous students should […]

Mobility by Design: Creating accessible global learning programs

The Mobility by Design: Creating accessible global learning programs project was an applied research project focused, through a design lens, on identifying innovative program design options/models which incorporates from the outset a human-centred approach to solving problems at the process, policy, or academic program development level. This study’s research objective was to understand the many […]